JOIN THE LEADERS In Advanced Anti-aging Medicine

Peptide therapies are increasingly playing a significant role in disease state management, performance health and anti-aging strategies. In clinical practices across the globe, peptide therapies are being used to care for cancer, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, injuries, aesthetic medicine and much more.

The certification program highlights this most relevant and applicable therapy in medicine. Participants can expect to gain extensive knowledge in legal considerations, strength of evidence and clinical applications to utilize on Monday morning.

Featuring world-class clinicians and researchers, the modules will allow you to further your knowledge in the emerging field of peptides and regenerative medicine and adopting this modality into your clinical practices.


At the end of this certification course the attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the legal landscape of peptides and regenerative therapies
  • Discuss biological age, epigenetics and methylation and biological age support
  • Synthesize and apply auxiliary nutrients and diet as it relates to successful protocol planning to augment clinical efficacy of peptides and regenerative therapies
  • Apply the TRIAD’s model to personalize assessment and treatment plans to optimize peptide therapy
  • Apply peptides and regenerative therapies in aesthetic medicine and hair regeneration
  • Learn the application of peptides and regenerative therapies for repair and recovery in preparation of surgical procedures, injury and repair
  • Discuss the emerging science of senolytics, health span and brain optimization
  • Discuss the emerging role and clinical utilization stem cells, exosomes and other regenerative therapies

Upon completion of Module II, learners will be given access to an online component of the Peptides Certification. Students will automatically be enrolled into a Blackboard course and have access to:



SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2022

Boston, MA


DECEMBER 9-11, 2022

Las Vegas, NV