As the premier educational resource for safe and advanced peptide therapy in the nation, IPS Membership delivers unparalleled, cutting-edge access to all the tools you need to utilize peptide therapies with confidence and skill.  

With exclusive education, discount opportunities, and community spaces, IPS Members are fully equipped with the resources necessary to become leaders in this growing field.

Is IPS Membership For You?

IPS Membership has been built for any clinician interested in:

  • Integrating advanced peptide therapeutics into practice.
  • Expanding and deepening their expertise in peptide therapies.
  • Accessing advanced IPS education, as well as select Tarsus Medical Education (TME) education, at a discounted rate.
  • Building community with like-minded clinicians who are also utilizing peptides in their practice.

Member-Only Benefits

  • Education

    Exclusive discounts to IPS courses as well as world-class education offered by Tarsus Medical Education brands including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC), and LivDerm. Additionally, members will have exclusive access to informative webinar series pertaining to peptide therapeutics.

  • Learning Opportunities

    Valuable monthly webinars covering a myriad of topics and applications for peptide therapy presented by key industry thought leaders.

  • Find-A-Clinic Listing

    Patients can locate clinics near them that offer peptide therapy. Listings and access to a clinic database for patients to locate nearby clinics offering peptide therapy treatments.

  • Forum

    A members-only discussion forum to share clinical discussions, best practices and patient outcomes. This exclusive forum is designed to expand your knowledge while allowing you to communicate and network with like-minded practitioners who share your passion. Coming Soon!

  • Journal Articles

    Access to the most relevant peer-reviewed journal abstracts and articles for peptides in clinical use and those in development.