2nd Annual Peptide Society Conference Sponsors

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Tailor Made Compounding

We have established ourselves as one of the top compounding pharmacies in the nation through our compounding expertise, knowledge, and experience. Together, with our sister pharmacies around the world we have been able to establish a reputation for working closely with our physicians and being the problem solvers for hard to source and hard to compound pharmaceuticals.

859-887-0013 ● 859-406-1242



Gold Sponsors

Sona Compounding Pharmacy

We are a full service sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy. We specialize in Peptides, Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women, Dermatology and Anti-Aging. We offer a wide array of supplements focused on protocols taught by national thought leaders like Dr. Seeds and Dr. LaValle. Our pharmacists are available to consult with providers and patients. We are A4M peptide certified having completed the module training as well as an IPS accredited pharmacy. So If you are looking for a partner for all aspects of your practice we are your choice.


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Silver Sponsors

APS Meds

The APS Pharmacy Team’s mission is to support your patients’ health with quality, customized medications that are safe, reliable, and affordable. Our philosophy is relentless focus on your patients; everything we do is to improve your patients’ experiences. We accomplish our mission with quick turnaround times, robust inventory, and licenses in 49 states, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Call 1-855-9AP-SMED or 1-855-927-7633 for more information.

Clear Mind Center

The Clear Mind QEEG System is unique and automated offering real time photic light technology. Clear Mind Maps records and processes your patients brainwave activity providing accurate reports within seconds. These reports tell your patients story and offer protocols that stabilize the brain. In addition, we offer the Focus take home unit which be programmed from the brain map report offering your patients the option to train at home. Proudly Manufactured in the Long Beach California.

“When the brain works, the body responds”

714-609-7140 ● admin@clearmindcenter.com

Custom Rx

Custom Rx is a compounding-exclusive pharmacy that maintains the nation’s top accreditations. Our pharmacy is committed to providing the highest quality compounds and care to patients throughout the country.

Dunwoody Labs

Dunwoody Labs is an innovator of testing solutions that assist in the diagnosis and management of conditions commonly addressed by integrative medicine. Our unique profiles are designed to help practitioners address comprehensive approaches to patient care. We also offer educational programs to empower practitioners and patients.

Physicians Lab

Physicians Lab is a state-of-the-art clinical testing laboratory, offering the most comprehensive, advanced, accurate and convenient assessment of a patient’s hormones, hormone metabolites and other essential bio-markers. Physicians Lab employs state of the art laboratory instrumentation and testing methods. Our intricate instrumentation is the finest available to quantitatively measure and distinguish analytes of similar structures, masses and binding behaviors. We settle for nothing less than the very best in technology, quality, convenience and customer service. We deliver step by step guidance, from the comfort and convenience of each patient’s home. Once each patient’s urine samples are collected and returned to our lab, we operate under the highest standards of quality control to guarantee precise, accurate and timely results are delivered to their healthcare provider.

PD Labs

PD Labs is a nationally licensed research based specialty pharmacy. We have exclusive formulations of the patented RG3/ NR nasal spray, patented Transdermal 15% Verapamil, and TriMix gel. PD Labs also carries high quality pharmaceutical supplements at affordable prices. Some of our supplements are formulated in house or recommended by guest speakers from our nationally broadcasted radio show, Healthy Choices XM. All products are research-centered pharmaceuticals.

Regenative Labs

In our pursuit of operational excellence, Regenative Labs strives to process our products in conditions above AATB requirements. Regenative Labs was formed by veteran industry-professionals familiar and active in the space of innovative healthcare. We’ve created our products on the basis of “healing rather than masking,” which means less pain and no need for opiates to numb the intense discomfort of struggling for mobility.

Using human tissue under AATB and FDA guidance, we work with physicians, hospitals, and surgery centers to improve patient outcomes in virtually all facets of medicine. From preventative medicine to complex wound and scar care, we work with physicians to find solutions.

We work with dermatologist, diabetic specialist, orthopedists, surgeons, sports medicine physicians, and more to prevent or treat all types of conditions. We have an effective generalized portfolio waiting to be amended by your collaboration.

Wells Pharmacy Network

Wells Pharmacy Network is a compounding pharmacy operating a 20,500 square foot 503A compounding pharmacy in Ocala, Florida and a 16,500 square foot FED Registered 503B Outsourcing facility for sterile implantable pellets and numbing cream in Dyersburg, TN. Our mission is to elevate compounding industry standards through a unique combination of superior science and service

We specialize in wellness, anti-aging, weight management, sexual wellness, thyroid and adrenal health and aesthetic dermatology preparations. Our comprehensive formulary encompasses an array of strengths and sizes of medications including Testosterone, hCG, Vitamin Injectables, Peptides and Sermorelin. Preparations come in many dosage forms such as creams, capsules, injectable, troches and sterile implantable pellets. You can be assured that all raw materials and chemicals are purchased from FDA registered facilities.