The Real Learning Happens After the Lecture

A mastermind is NOT a conference.

We believe the best way to learn is through collaboration and through unstructured education. A mastermind is just that. A meeting where a small group of industry leaders gather and create a conversation relative to their goals.

Mastermind Group 1 is FULL and sold out in just 4 days! We will have a total of 5 Mastermind groups with 20 members in each one. Once you reserve your seat for mastermind group 2, you will be locked into this group and nobody can take your seat.*

Get ready to work! This 2-day intensive event will NOT be lecture style. It's going to be one-on-one consultation and Q&A with Dr. William Seeds. We'll be limiting the structure of this event to provide you with a more intimate setting so you, Dr. Seeds, and other industry leaders can dive into what really matters to you and your practice. Yes, you’ll be learning about peptide therapy, but also how to integrate them into your practice, how to differentiate yourself from the competition, and how to be on the leading edge of peptide therapy.


Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

The Two- Day "Unstructured" Schedule

  • - How to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • - How to implement peptides into your practice.
  • - Latest innovations in peptides
  • - The current regulations.
  • - How to market peptides to your patients.

Hosted by Dr. William Seeds

Dr. Seeds has found that some of the best learning happens after he lectures at large conferences. When attendees approach him and can discuss individual cases, he finds it even more beneficial for his own education. That's why Dr. Seeds and IPS designed IPS Mastermind events. 


"You will not get this type of learning anywhere else. You're going to be guiding the conversation.

Dr. William Seeds


“This is where we will excel in developing the best minds in this particular stronghold of medicine. In peptide therapy, protocols, and research, it’s all starting right here, and I’m humbled to be part of it. “

Dr. William Seeds

“It’s a small group of exceptional people, from all over the country, and they’re all so bright and innovative, it’s really uplifting.”

Dr. Uzzi Reiss

"I immediately got some great ideas that I'm going to use on myself and my patients when I get back to the clinic. It's really been invaluable."

Dr. James Foster

"It’s so different than listening to someone spout things off, taking it home, and maybe utilizing it or maybe not. Versus, actually taking that information, digesting it together, figuring out how it’ll work in our practices, and actually being able to go home with that. It’s been 48 hours, of what will usually take a full week of conferences"

Dr. elizabeth yurth

"The thing you love about a situation like this is it’s a small intimate group and you get an opportunity to ask your questions in real time. It leads to really a kind of expanded discussion among the group."

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden


Meritage Resort & Spa Napa Valley, CA

Feb. 8th-9th

Reserve your seat by placing the deposit now and the remaining balance before February 7th.

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*If you miss 2 consecutive mastermind events for your group, your seat will be revoked and provided to the next member on the wait list.