International Peptide Society Mission

Hello and Happy New Year!

The International Peptide Society is a non profit group founded to provide a professional organization to steer the direction of appropriate Peptide literature, treatment protocols, dosing, indications and valid Pharmaceutical Sourcing.

The overwhelming response from our First A4M workshops laid the groundwork for the monumental task of developing IPS. With over 7,000 peptides naturally identified and more coming each day the growth and scope of this society is endless. We have set up this forum to assist clinicians, answer questions, and develop dialog to further knowledge for the use of peptides with their patients.

This will be the reservoir of knowledge and current information on peptides for medical practitioners. We will host weekly blogs on current therapies and concerns of interest from current thought leaders in this emerging field of health care.

Education is power for the clinician and that’s what I want to bring to the clinician and their patients in this revolutionizing field of peptides!

IPS will be starting a Peptide Fellowship through the organization. This will be recognized all over the world and will have world leaders participating in the fellowship education. The World Congress dates are to be solidified in the next 10 days and will be up on the site.


Dr. William A. Seeds, MD
Chairman & Medical Director