International Peptide Society
Accredited Pharmacies

The International Peptide Society was founded to provide clarity, comfort, and uniformity in an exciting modality of medicine to bring Peptides to mainstream medical practice. For years, doctors have seen the developments of peptides in scientific literature, and heard about their potential but have been limited because of the lack of clinical use and protocols. Additionally, finding a reputable, legal, and safe supply of the peptides has been difficult for prescribers.

Through this experience, we know that the only way to maintain uniformity and safety for the patient and legal security for a physician was to develop an accreditation body which can vet the many suppliers on the market. Through our key opinion leaders in the areas of law, pharmaceuticals, and medicine we believe that we can fulfill this obligation to help our doctors practice the best medicine while using suppliers that are well sourced from pharmacies that have a history of excellence and operate safely within the law.

Through this approach, IPS has gained several hundred doctors to its community since its debut in 2017. For this reason, our mission now is to connect this community with select, capable, high quality compound pharmacies with a history of excellence and compliance within the sterile regulatory environment. Additionally, we want to offer these institutions access to best practices in peptide pharmaceuticals that continue to develop and improve.


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Assurance Infusion

We are a sterile Compounding Pharmacy specializing in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Weight Management by formulating and providing customized injectable compounded medications to fit unique practitioner and patient health needs.


FarmaKeio is a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy located in Richardson, Texas, offering physicians and patients the preparation of both sterile and non-sterile prescriptions. We specialize in working with Functional Medicine practitioners who are focused on finding the root problem of a patient’s particular health condition.

PD Labs

PD Labs is a full-service specialty compounding pharmacy.  We compound a variety of highly specialized formulations for autism, pain, various tablet formulas as well as other areas.   PD Labs is a nationally licensed research based specialty pharmacy. We have exclusive formulations of the patented RG3/ NR nasal spray, patented transdermal 15% verapamil and VIP nasal spray. You can learn more about our patented formulas.

Promise Pharmacy

Promise Pharmacy is an independent full-service pharmacy providing quality compounded medication solutions to integrative/functional medicine practitioners, weight loss clinics, age management practices, dermatologists and plastic surgeons in 36 states nationwide. We specialize in peptide therapies, men’s and women’s health, BHRT, weight management, and topical anti-aging peptide products. 

Tailor Made Compounding

At Tailor Made Compounding, we are highly invested in quality control and assurance. We are one of the only compounding facilities in the world equipped with an HPLC and mass spectrometer that allows us to complete potency testing in house and verify the authenticity and assay of everything that we make.

Wells Pharmacy Network

Wells Pharmacy Network is a compounding pharmacy operating a 20,500 square foot 503A compounding pharmacy in Ocala, Florida and a 16,500 square foot FED Registered 503B Outsourcing facility for sterile implantable pellets and numbing cream in Dyersburg, TN. Our mission is to elevate compounding industry standards through a unique combination of superior science and service.